7 Reasons You Need Home On The Phone FSBO


Benefit from using professional real estate tools while saving thousands in agent commissions!


Home On The Phone FSBO's easy-to-use online portal allows you to quickly set up a property by choosing from a pre-defined list of property descriptions. Your property details are then automatically converted to an actual human voice. There is no need to record your own message! This recording is available in both English and Spanish. The entire setup process takes less than 5 minutes!


Purchasing a home is a big step. Home buyers want to know they are dealing with someone they can trust. And there's no better way to establish a large, trustworthy presence on your own than marketing your property through Home On The Phone FSBO. You can now sell your home like a professional!

Increased Inquiries

People are 6 times more likely to listen to a professional recorded message. With a Home On The Phone FSBO yard sign you will get more inquiries—and now you'll actually have a way of tracking and following up with each call.


Why put your family at risk by having potential buyers constantly coming to your door to ask questions? Using Home On The Phone FSBO technology the homeowner gives the buyer a legitimate alternative. In fact, the Home On The Phone FSBO message can be set up to emphasize a "Do Not Disturb" message. The system will even stop all calls once your home sells!

Availability of Information

Property details are available 24/7 by phone or via the Web. Basic information can be received by text message by a prospective buyer and a complete listing including color photos are available online at your custom website, which is included with the service. No more worrying about running out of printed flyers.

Response Time

Immediately following up with a potential buyer is a key component in selling your home. With Home On The Phone FSBO you will be notified every time someone listens to your property message. You may also choose to activate Home On The Phone FSBO's DirectConnect™ feature, which allows a prospective buyer to be transferred to you during the call. Either way you will be fully aware of your sales activity.

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